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Happy New Year and some statistics!

This article has not been updated for a long time and may be outdated

First of all I want to wish all of you a happy, healthy new year with the hope to finish the pandemic situation in this year! Stay safe and healthy!

But now to some statistics about YSFReflector and registered reflectors:

Actually we have 1492 registered (YSF)Reflectors in the registry where 1253 of them are really online and the others are in offline state. This is a counter that's really nice because when starting with YSFReflectors and the registry in 2016, this year 6 years ago, we started with a handful of reflectors and never had the idea that the number would grow to this.

Also nice to see is that YSF-protocoll itself is used in many reflector-system-software like the origin YSFReflector by G4KLX but also in the python Reflector pYSFReflector by IU5JAE, the treehouse-project by PA7LIM, YCSReflectors by OE1KBC, DG9FFM (and others) but also by the XLX Multiprotocol-Server by the luxembourgish team around LX1IQ. My hope is to see this more and more expanded with many innovative ideas like DG-ID-usage (Fusion 2-implementation) and so on. We'll see, what will happen in future.

So for final I wish you all the best, many nice QSOs on the YSFReflector-system (what ever color you are using from above) and stay safe and healthy!

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