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Having your YSFReflector on internet and on hamnet?

Hello Admins! We have some phantastic news for you! Now you can have your reflector listed on both sides of networking, on internet and on hamnet by submitting the second IP-address via E-Mail to webmaster at

Please mention to have the second ip-address added to your reflector by telling the name and/or the ID.

Happy New Year and some statistics!

First of all I want to wish all of you a happy, healthy new year with the hope to finish the pandemic situation in this year! Stay safe and healthy!

But now to some statistics about YSFReflector and registered reflectors:

Actually we have 1492 registered (YSF)Reflectors in the registry where 1253 of them are really online and the others are in offline state. This is a counter that's really nice because when starting with YSFReflectors and the registry in 2016, this year 6 years ago, we started with a handful of reflectors and never had the idea that the number would grow to this.

Also nice to see is that YSF-protocoll itself is used in many reflector-system-software like the origin YSFReflector by G4KLX but also in the python Reflector pYSFReflector by IU5JAE, the treehouse-project by PA7LIM, YCSReflectors by OE1KBC, DG9FFM (and others) but also by the XLX Multiprotocol-Server by the luxembourgish team around LX1IQ. My hope is to see this more and more expanded with many innovative ideas like DG-ID-usage (Fusion 2-implementation) and so on. We'll see, what will happen in future.

So for final I wish you all the best, many nice QSOs on the YSFReflector-system (what ever color you are using from above) and stay safe and healthy!

New version 3 of Python-YSFReflector (pYSFReflector3) published!

A few days ago the actual version 3 of Python YSFReflector (pYSFReflector3) is released by IU5JAE on github. You can find the project at:

Here are some key-features in short:

pYSF3 is a YSF C4FM Multi-stream reflector with DG ID management, open source, written in python3. This means that this reflector-system similar to the YCS Reflector system provides a number of reflector-rooms that can be addressed by different DG-IDs when connected to the system.

It delivers a very nice dashboard provided with the reflector-sources that needs a web-server with php-support. More on features and requirements see the project-side at github (link above).

Launch of - Newspage

Hello, today on Sunday, 26.12.2021, the News-Page of has been launched. Here you will find news about the YSFReflector-Registry and the YSF-Cosmos itself.

If you want file us some news, please do this via email to: